Idiots With Clipboards

They're too smart to deliver pizza, too dumb to think for themselves. Welcome the the Tyranny of Twits. And the occasional Clockwork Orange award.

Automation ain’t all bad

I suppose some kind of anti-Clockwork Orange award ought to be awarded now and again for examples of general coolness in automation.  Like the water-bottle filling option added to the boring old water fountain at my gym (the same one that got rid of the Clockwork Orange Award-winning electric paper towel machines).  Just hold your open bottle under the spigot, covering the sensor below it, and water emerges.

A big old Diamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon Award for that.

But bear in mind, these things can be used for good or evil.  I was watching a man get a drink the old fashioned way at the fountain, and suddenly wondered what might happen if he put his head too close to the sensor.  And then thought about how the gadget might be tweaked to make such an incident more likely…


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